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DOCTA series is inspired by egosyntonic hallucinations. Similar to the story of Prof. John Nash (as shown in the film A Beautiful Mind), my hallucinations were indistinguishable from reality and correlated with an ever nesting of paranoid delusions. All this can only be explained by some nefarious secret organization_maybe by some three letter agency or maybe it is just all in my head. Either case actor Sid Yiddish plays me, the inevitable schizophrenic patsy, while delusional with the insight to counter the patsy effect....the theme being "Patsy Fetish."
DOCTA series explores what public science has not, that exhibits both zero-day technology of interception and nano-bot/fiber control as well as the parascience of clairvoyance and telekinesis.
Dr. Nothing // Protagonist and Antagonist
Sid Yiddish // Patsy playing 'Dr. Nothing'
Pedro Da Palma // Antagonist *3rd hand* playing 'God'
Radio Peter // Niave Royal Family Antagonist
Genral Patton // Meek Conman
W. Dalmation // Queen of Innocence and Chance
Jameel Abdul Kebab // Fracting Victim
Aleisha Rogers // Leader of the Earth Cleaners
Dreadsen // Protagonist Extra
Musical Credits
Jason Shaw // Theme Music - Audionautix.com
Koonda Hoola // The Fracolution - The Shit Man *
Trent Reznor // Ghosts (Creative Commons Use)
Polaroid Giraffe // Dungeon Bros. *
* denotes used with permission from author.
Featured on the Mancow Show:
Mancow promotes our videos unbeknownst to its contents. 
This program aired live on Fox Chicago TV in 2014.
Mentions in Press:

This is a compilation of most of all the 22 episodes in the first series of DOCTA. It traces from the initial thoughts of being controlled to a nebulous idea that some force greater than man is manipulating behind the scenes our every actions.
001 | Mess-Age:

This is my dance, in my way of confusing my notions that have convoluted my reality. Each dance I face my prior dance and do so for self verification in reality checks.
002 | The Silly Walks:

Inspired by Terry Gilliam's Silly Walks in Monty Python, a darranged group of people set out to confuse the alien antagonist & sets the course for the entire series.
003 | Tele-Tities:

Here clairvoyance and telekinesis are tested to verfiy if we are being controlled unbeknownst to our individual consciousness, to prepare for the 'mind wars.'
004 | Silly Walks on How to Scare the Boogy-Man:

With HAARP's patsy operator Sid at full charge, Dr. Nothing tries his silly-walks as a defense to find that Sid is defenseless under the control unbenownst to him by some secret dark force.
005 | NDAA Warning on Food Safety:

We fear having to toss all our rations when the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 stipulated that a group can be attributed as a terrorist suspect if too many rations of food are kept stocked.
006 | Just Beat It!:

When the protagonist's protein shaking gets confused for something more private, the issue over information censorship becomes more public.
007 | Swine Dining:

This is a suggestion to serve reptile-kind and that meat eaters maybe fed from sources they don't know.
008 | Blue Pill or Be Real:

An observation of over medication...and it was common for me to refuse medication for the reason of that observation. I just wanted to be "me," or rather how I was.
009 | Clear the Way:

An example how laws are enforced for profit and with a significant loss of practicality. In this example cars are towed on a snow day, and it was spring weather.
010 | To Salad or Donut:

We are challenged by what our conscience or reality is telling us...sometimes we choose both realities and respond accordingly as if both possibilities are true.
011 | TheNeWorldBliss:

Burried in conspiracy theories that some family of the royal blood line has multi-generational plans for controlling the masses.
012 | The WornAwk Meeting:

Dr. Nothing demonstrates the power of entitlement to devise Sid into the patsy influence as a test to see how far it can go, in this case to release an agent to wipeout civilization (references to 12 Monkeys)
013 | Butter for Gold:

While population in fear of market collapse is stocking up gold, hopes of a post-apocolyptic market-place, Dr. Nothing in preparing for the infrastructure collapse, is stocking up on butter!
014 | Will Free Will:

Inspired by my schizo-friend "Speedy" he thought his thoughts and actions were not always his own or under his own control. He understood they were nano-bots and did extensive research on 'psychotronics.'
015 | Give Chance a Chance:

Chance is observed as non-random and control causes disorder. Benford's Law, which I first read about a few years before my first break inspired my understanding of Chaos in which I embrace synchronicity.
016 | Donald Buck's Excellent Endeavers:

This draws in my concerns that genetically modified organisms are secretly being devised to decrease male and female fertility as a population control measure described in Agenda 21.
017 | The Fracolution:

This draws in the the middle Earth Vril conspiracy in the context of using the negative effects of the market fracking industry as a means of depopulation, for eventual take over by the New Race.
018 | It is the 21st Century and I will Scry if I want to:

Early on I discovered I can see images in flickering light. I use light to scry for direct understanding. Sid joins me and we begin to unravel the convoluted reality of the 'third hand.'
019 | Human Poison for Easy Fishing:

How controls of our personal intake of information, medication and food is being devised to make majority of human's deginerates to draw in austere measures in response as part of depopulation.
020 | Tele-Vision:

Tele-vision is and always been a form of two way communication, where moving images maybe used to target individuals in an attempt to gaslight them or trigger in them pre-programmed behaviors.
021 | Beggin' Monkey Scare-City:

Where scarcity is artificially enforced, any meat is up for food, even monkey meat. Yet Sid goes for the dog and cat food first as that is the last to leave the shelves, in an aftermath of food scarcity.
022 | Fluoride-Flatuscents Bright:

Zero-day intrusion of fluorescent lights being used like cameras through the power grid using signal honing techniques from the eletromegnetic fields affect from the gasses in the tubes. Flatulence is a way in!